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The Fair Leader

Dave, Director of Global Alliances and Strategic Partnerships at a top search and advertising company in Silicon Valley.  The Scenario: Dave was given the opportunity

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The Change Maker

Scott, former top Network and Data Center executive at Yahoo! and Apple, CEO of his own startup. The Scenario: Scott had a reputation as a

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The Hardheaded Executive

Bill, senior sales executive at a prominent global investment firm. The Scenario: Bill is very hardworking, extremely successful, and tough as nails. Unfortunately, over time

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The Aspiring Visionary

Mary, senior director of product development at a highly-regarded consumer products company. The Scenario: Mary is a highly skilled project manager who is passionate about

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Case Studies

Dealing with Abrasive Leadership: Change is Possible!

We have all worked with an abrasive or “toxic” manager, and as an executive coach, I am often helping my clients “deal with” a difficult manager they work for, or working directly with the manager others find abrasive and difficult. I have a love-hate relationship with these situations because I am attracted to the opportunity to show real value and change that will improve people’s lives at work, yet challenged by the difficulty of making a positive impact on a situation others have failed to change.

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