Mary, senior director of product development at a highly-regarded consumer products company.

The Scenario: Mary is a highly skilled project manager who is passionate about her work. When she was tasked with implementing new cross-functional innovation approaches at her company — which required not only taking on leadership of a new team but also influencing key executives more senior in her organization — she knew that she needed to build new skills to successfully achieve her objectives in an aggressive timeframe.

The Strategy: To make sure Mary was able to meet these new challenges, she learned more advanced leadership tools, strategies, and skills to improve her presence and presentations, as well as more effective strategies and tactics for stakeholder and change management. We provided assessment feedback and coached her through the process so she was confident in leading senior-level executives and colleagues from different departments.

The Results: After we worked with Mary to build new awareness, strategies, and competencies, she was successful in implementing new innovation teams and meeting company growth goals. Mary continues to tackle new innovation approaches and scaling up her impact by leveraging the results of her coaching engagement.

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