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Everyone loves experiments. After years of 1:1 and team counseling with business leaders and Fortune 100 companies, I’m launching an experiment to help you be a better leader, communicator and team builder.



ProfM is powered by the ideas of leadership coach and organizational consultant Michael Papanek, and his grandfather, social psychologist Kurt Lewin. Because his research and guidance has helped many through coaching sessions, he thought “what if” I could encapsulate the lessons into a digital mentor. ProfM is your mentor when Michael is not around.

Your Challenge or Question

Example ProfM Prompt

The best way to leverage conflict for better engagement and outcomes.

I struggle to communicate effectively with my boss, what do I do?

During a recent planning meeting with my boss, they responded negatively to my proposal. The conversation quickly became confrontational. What should I do?

Develop more resilient business relationships.

How do I talk to my boss about 2024 focus areas?
Using ProfM’s response, you might ask…
As an engineer, can you generate talking points for me?”

Build a high-performing, self- sustaining team

Practice an important conversation with…
Brainstorm ideas for…
Help me make a decision about…
Draft an agenda to discuss professional growth with…
Discuss the future of leadership
What is a resilient relationship…
What is a mentor…

How do I learn more about how ProfM?

Explain how ProfM works?

Nota bene: the content provided by ProfM is generated by an artificial intelligence language model based on the works of Michael Papanek and Kurt Lewin. The beta release may provide inaccurate or offensive content that does not represent Michael Papanek’s views. You are solely responsible for using the content generated by theservice. Do not rely on the services for medical, legal, financial, or other professional advice.

Make your pivotal business relationships unbreakable

From Breakdown to Breakthrough is your playbook to build resilient business relationships that stand up to the heat of change.

“Ultimate decoder ring for rising professionals”
“Well-written, thoughtful account of how to develop and lead teams.”
”A game changer for business relationships”