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My Grandfather Kurt Lewin: A Living Legacy for The 21st Century

My Grandfather Kurt Lewin: A Living Legacy for 2020 My grandfather, Kurt Lewin, made a lasting impact on the fields of organizational development, applied psychology, and social science that still resonate with the issues we are facing today. Below are Parts One and Two of my recent video presentation to a OD Network meeting about […]

Dealing with Abrasive Leadership: Change is Possible!

We have all worked with an abrasive or “toxic” manager, and as an executive coach, I am often helping my clients “deal with” a difficult manager they work for, or working directly with the manager others find abrasive and difficult. I have a love-hate relationship with these situations because I am attracted to the opportunity to show real value and change that will improve people’s lives at work, yet challenged by the difficulty of making a positive impact on a situation others have failed to change.

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