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With over 30 years of experience as an authority in change management consulting, Michael Papanek is a highly-respected and sought-after speaker at Silicon Valley’s top companies and events. Whether presenting at a national conference comprised of thousands of senior executives or speaking to employees at the Bay Area’s largest tech companies, Michael’s commanding presence, good humor and real-life examples provoke, engage, and excite audiences of all kinds.

Hear Michael speak about his new book From Breakdown to Breakthrough, with powerful frameworks for building resilient business relationships, which are the foundation of all sustained success. Learn how to create business relationships which increase accountability and inspire high performance — even under stress and change.

Speaking engagements and presentations have included:

  • Association for Talent Development (ATD)
  • Bay Area Organizational Development Network (BAODN)
  • Google Leadership Round Table
  • National Organizational Development Network (NODN)

Diagram: Resilient Business Relationships

To have true resiliency in a business relationship, the relationship must be strong, flexible, and fair. Do your most important relationships incorporate all three characteristics?

Leadership tip:

“Keeping team members engaged, motivated, and productive is key to staying competitive in the ongoing, escalating war for talent.” – From Breakdown to Breakthrough