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One-To-One Coaching Benefits

  • Our “Action Learning” methodology means we use your key business outcomes and goals to learn and apply new skills. The leaders I work with use their increased skills to meet or exceed their business goals.
  • New confidence to address challenging situations and resolve issues you thought were intractable.
  • Transform how you’re building your team—to create a sustainable, shared future everyone feels accountable for.
  • You will receive direct and actionable feedback on your existing leadership brand and then you will learn what you need to shift to the brand you want to reach the next level in your career.
  • Clear frameworks, strategies, tools and skills so you can use what you learn every day.
  • A dedicated, empathetic, independent guide whose only agenda is your success.

You’re walking a tightrope in your technology-driven, complex organization. You’ve got to lead your people in ways they value while consistently producing bottom-line results: minimal drama, maximum success. I am an expert at helping leaders across that tightrope to the next level of leadership mastery.

Michael has been instrumental in helping me grow as a leader, recognize my own blindspots, and build skills that form resilient relationships. He has a wealth of practical wisdom and a warm approach in his coaching style that sets a great example to emulate. I would absolutely recommend working with Michael if you want to bridge the gap between theory and practice when it comes to building great relationships at work and functioning as a high EQ leader.

– Josh Schwartz, Senior Director, Engineering, Verizon

Are you, or someone you know looking for a leadership coach or executive advisor, and wondering if we should we work together?  Use this handy table to find out.

Let’s Not Work Together If….Let’s Work Together If….
You just want someone to have interesting conversations with.You want a coach who will help you achieve new results based on new thinking and skills.
You are not ready for deeper self-awareness or an unvarnished examination of your leadership brand.You want to be able to see yourself and your leadership brand more clearly as others do, so you can change to the brand you want..
You want someone without much business experience but trained in coaching methods.You want an experienced coach who knows what it’s like to be accountable for a team and their business results.
You want to learn abstract theories of management or leadership and try to figure out how they apply to your work.You want practical advice, based on applied science and experience in real organizations, which is tailored to your specific needs at this time.
Check the box that you “have a coach.”Have new goals and challenges that are driving you to improve.
You want a data and software driven development experience determined by an algorithm you do not understand.You want highly customized expert coaching, tailored to you, based on a deep understanding of your needs and outcomes.

When you are ready to reach a new level in your people skills, it’s time for us to talk.

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