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Michael has helped us tremendously in many areas, including increased team engagement, better talent development, improved relationships, greater problem-solving capabilities, better team collaboration and establishment of new organizational goals, vision and strategies. Michael always helped me see the root problem and provided a framework which helped me with the current issue, but also built skills to solve similar problems that might emerge in the future.

–  Qian Wang – Principal, Chief Asia Economist, Global Head, Vanguard


Leadership Team Development Benefits

  • Reach alignment on what is working, what needs to change, and how to change it – so the whole leadership team has a new awareness of their own dynamic, and shared motivation to make it even better.
  • Understand what to do now to work together more collaboratively so you better leverage the resources and talent on your team.
  • Create a team culture where it’s safe to discuss literally anything, regardless of its sensitivity or what’s at stake.
  • Improve decision-making and full team engagement – so you can overcome challenges which may be holding you back.
  • Increase trust, resilience and teamwork so your organization can implement change with minimum impact to team morale or performance.

Remember your last high-performing team and how it felt to be part of its daily flow?

It can seem almost magical when every member uses their talents in service to their team’s mission. They invest in their relationships because they respect and value each other.

You can build a “magical” leadership team—the kind that sees no limits to what they can do, even in times of deep stress, change and innovation. The kind of team that has resilient relationships as its bedrock.

We’ll start with understanding the transformation you’re looking for: what outcomes are we targeting?

Then I’ll work hands-on with you and your team to assess the current state of the team’s culture and your key relationships (I have many tools for that). We will map out a plan to close the gaps —including milestones, development outcomes and metrics. Then we will implement the plan and create the team culture you need to execute your business strategy successfully.

Shall we talk about how we can create the team you all deserve?

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