We provide the latest tools and strategies — combined with years of practical experience — to help your team succeed.

The value of engaging Michael Papanek Consulting is that your team will achieve near-term business objectives and build long-term change leadership capabilities, permanently improving your organizational resilience. We become part of your change management team so that you can master the “people-side” of change, creating ownership, excitement, and inspiration, rather than resistance.

Together, we’ll ride the heat curve to achieve your vision, and have more fun doing it.

Our consulting services include:

  • Culture change
  • Rapid growth
  • IT transformation
  • Product innovation
  • Strategy and vision development and execution
  • Complex meeting facilitation, leadership retreats
  • Open Space™ facilitation
  • Team launch, development and coaching
  • Collaborative problem-solving
  • Conflict resolution
  • Organizational alignment

Diagram: The Heat Curve

When the “people-side” of change affects your organization, we bring the right kind of heat to the table, helping your teams accelerate from breakdown to breakthrough. Can your team thrive even in the heat of change?

Leadership tip:

“The more complex the problem, the more social the solution needs to be. Successfully riding the heat curve is a social activity.” – From Breakdown to Breakthrough