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Any book on ‘change’ that is written by the Grandson of the modern pioneer of organisational psychology, Kurt Lewin, is anticipated to be a solid text. And From Breakdown to Breakthrough: Forging Resilient Business Relationships in the Heat of Change does not disappoint.

Papanek has exploited his knowledge and experience of some 30 years in the industry to develop a set of strategies and tools that help people build resilient business relationships and leverage those relationships to deliver on change.

Papanek’s key model addresses the 3 features of building resilient business relationships. They should be:
Strong – built on honesty and trust and adding value to all parties
Flexible – Responding to changes and requirements on all sides, particularly tension and stressors.
Fair – Balanced sp that everyone feels as though the are gaining value.

Papanek expands on Lewin’s 3 phase model for change moving from:

Unfreezing – where motivations are assessed

Changing / Reforming – where decisions lead to new practises and processes

Re-freezing – making the change permanent.

The steps to undertaken such change form the meat of the book and explores taking people from Ignorance to Knowledge from Doubt to Trust and for Discussion to Action

key chapter for me was Chapter 10 on Building Resilient Relationships across an organisation. In brief, this means looking to:

Focus on intent – Begin with a why and it helps you understand a person’s internal motivation.

Don’t sweat the small stuff – it is rarely important and detracts from the main effort.

Show you care – Talking about it is meanless unless you act as though you care.

Full of insight, From Breakdown to Breakthrough offers the change agent and executive or senior manager a great set of tools and practical advice to facilitate change, and how to build and leverage robust relationship. A germane and thoughtful book that builds on Lewin’s legacy.

Dare to Aspire

Review by Anna Carroll, Author of The Feedback Imperative on Amazon

How to Create and Keep Great Business Relationships Even When Times are Tough!

This is the “how to” book leaders have needed all along, after discovering the hard way that they weren’t good at building and maintaining the essential relationships needed for business and personal success. It’s easy enough to nod in agreement with the notion that emotional intelligence and great communication skills are required, but if you’re not one of the rare folks who are naturally good at these things–in hard times as well as easy times–it feels impossible to diagnose exactly what you need to learn and how to acquire those capabilities. Papanek and co-author Alexander spell out the answers you need via oodles of business examples from big companies you will recognize. While you are reading the fascinating stories from Papanek’s personal experience as a consultant, you will see the mistakes highly intelligent leaders make as they become hyper-focused on business skills and alienate employees, colleagues, and partners all along the way. You learn, how they and YOU can turn around your approaches and win in business, rich relationships, and future capabilities that allow you to keep winning!

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