Any book on ‘change’ that is written by the Grandson of the modern pioneer of organisational psychology, Kurt Lewin, is anticipated to be a solid text. And From Breakdown to Breakthrough: Forging Resilient Business Relationships in the Heat of Change does not disappoint.

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This is the “how to” book leaders have needed all along, after discovering the hard way that they weren’t good at building and maintaining the essential relationships needed for business and personal success…You learn, how they and YOU can turn around your approaches and win in business, rich relationships, and future capabilities that allow you to keep winning!

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How to Succeed in the New Relationship Economy: Resilient Business Relationships

Most people think that skills and capabilities are the key to success in business. Yet what’s really important is the quality of our relationships. Not the typically superficial connections made at work, but those resilient relationships we build that remain strong and unwavering, even under conditions of uncertainty, complexity, and change.

From Breakdown to Breakthrough: Forging Resilient Business Relationships in the Heat of Change answers that all-important question for thriving in today’s fast-paced and volatile business environment: Why is it that some business relationships fall apart under stress and others become stronger?

Author Michael Papanek—grandson of the pioneer of “group dynamics” and organizational psychology, Kurt Lewin—draws from the latest research and his 30 years’ experience with clients including Apple, Facebook, Clorox, and Google to reveal the success strategies of the most resilient leaders. The result is a practical, proven, step-by-step framework that empowers leaders with the tools and confidence required to take strategically important relationships to the next level.

Whether it’s how to build key alliances that are resilient from the outset, to ways to save relationships that are heading for breakdown mode, From Breakdown to Breakthrough is a comprehensive guide for discovering how leaders at all levels can create strong, flexible and fair relationships—the foundation of sustained success in business today.

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